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Heel Holland Transparant (De Correspondent)

For De Correspondent I helped setting up an experiment on social and risk scoring, called Heel Holland Transparant. This social experiment ranks 70 random Dutch citizens according to publicly available information, hereby simulating the every day practices of governments and businesses that are increasingly resorting to scoring models, which categorise citizens based on their personal and aggregated data. The experiment criticises these methods, as information that is taken out of its context can often lead to false predictions and therefore wrong decision-making. I did the research for the experiment.

View the experiment on a separate website here.

Read the article my colleagues Dimitri Tokmetzis and Maurits Martijn wrote here.

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Wie zijn de grootste datahandelaren van Nederland? (De Correspondent)

For De Correspondent I asked readers to help me with my research on Dutch data brokers.

Read the call for tips and documents here.

Wie zijn de grootste datahandelaren

Villamedia on my research on Publeaks

On 25 September 2015, Dutch journalism magazine Villamedia covered my research on whistleblowing platform Publeaks. The article discusses how Publeaks is faring two years after it was launched.


Deze vijf onthullingen uit 2014 hebben we aan hackers te danken (De Correspondent)

For De Correspondent I attended Chaos Computer Congress, the largest hacker convention in Europe. I co-wrote an article on the biggest revelations that were presented at the congress with my colleague Dimitri Tokmetzis.

Read the full article here.

Deze vijf onthullingen

Hoe de overheid de strijd tegen fraude wél kan winnen (De Correspondent)

For De Correspondent I interviewed a researcher who analysed multiple fraud cases and categorised five types of frauds, for whom he designed distinct methods for fraud prevention and detection.

Read the full article here.

Hoe de overheid