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Cologne: A Reconstruction (De Correspondent)

Two German journalists, Katrin Ohlendorf and Yermi Brenner, wrote a three-part reconstruction of the New Year’s Eve incident in Cologne for De Correspondent. I coordinated this cross-border project from beginning to end and ensured that all facts were checked rigorously, that the authors received feedback as the project progressed and that the articles were prepped for a Dutch/Belgian readership. I was also responsible for the translation to Dutch. All in all, the three stories (excluding an op-ed written by deputy editor Karel Smouter) provided a clear overview of what is known about Cologne as of April 2016.

The four articles can be found here (Dutch):

* Honderd dagen na het nieuws over Keulen: de feiten

* Van minuut tot minuut: dit gebeurde er met oudjaar in Keulen

* Dit was het nieuws over oudejaaravond in Keulen (maar dan met de kennis van nu)

* Waarom we na honderd dagen nog met een stuk over Keulen komen aanzetten (op-ed)


My mission as International Editor: bringing you border-crossing journalism (De Correspondent)

As of 2016 I am De Correspondents’ International Editor. What does my mission entail? Read it here (English) or here (Dutch).

Grenzenloze artikelen

Hoe een ‘kalifaatgezin’ uit Huizen een stempel kreeg waar het nooit meer vanaf komt (De Correspondent)

For De Correspondent I wrote an update on an interview I did back in 2014 with researcher Sven Brinkhoff, concerning starting information for criminal investigations. The reason for the update was a news article by De Volkskrant stating that the police had incorrectly judged and acted upon a piece of information it had received from the Dutch intelligence services, meaning an innocent family were jailed upon suspicion of joining ISIL.

Read my update here.

Hoe een kalifaatgezin

My investigation into data brokers in top 10 best articles of October (De Correspondent)

My article on data brokers (see below) was selected as one of the best articles in October 2015 by editor-in-chief of De Correspondent Rob Wijnberg.

View the overview here.

Favoriete stukken

Zo houden datahandelaren ons in de gaten (De Correspondent)

For De Correspondent I did an investigation into data brokers in the Netherlands. We know all too well about the practices of American data brokers, but why has so little been written on the information-sharing economy in my country? I talked to six Dutch data brokers and various market associations and experts in order to find out how data brokers operate.

Read my article here.

Zo houden datahandelaren ons in de gaten