Cologne: A Reconstruction (De Correspondent)

Two German journalists, Katrin Ohlendorf and Yermi Brenner, wrote a three-part reconstruction of the New Year’s Eve incident in Cologne for De Correspondent. I coordinated this cross-border project from beginning to end and ensured that all facts were checked rigorously, that the authors received feedback as the project progressed and that the articles were prepped for a Dutch/Belgian readership. I was also responsible for the translation to Dutch. All in all, the three stories (excluding an op-ed written by deputy editor Karel Smouter) provided a clear overview of what is known about Cologne as of April 2016.

The four articles can be found here (Dutch):

* Honderd dagen na het nieuws over Keulen: de feiten

* Van minuut tot minuut: dit gebeurde er met oudjaar in Keulen

* Dit was het nieuws over oudejaaravond in Keulen (maar dan met de kennis van nu)

* Waarom we na honderd dagen nog met een stuk over Keulen komen aanzetten (op-ed)